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¡°Ewha Women¡®s Studies(EWS)¡± is an academic information website to provide and share research achivements of Ewha and also to promote active interaction between women's studies researchers and related institutes through internet.

EWS website collaborately provides contents produced by four partner institutions at Ewha Womans University,namely; Korean Women¡¯s Institute, Asian Center for Women¡¯s Studies, Ewha Institute for Women¡¯s Theological Studies, and Department of Women¡¯s Studies.

You are welcome to make free use of the following contents:

News/Events   Informs hot news and academic events, colloquiums, special lectures and new publications etc.

Research   offers information of major on-going research projects conducted by partner institutions

Resources   offers information on various forms of scholarly work in Women's Studies such as periodicals, monographs, reports, conference proceedings as well as research papers and working papers etc. With a simple membership subscription of the EWS web-site, you may easily access search for the database and on-line purchasing service.

Links   offers linking service with brief introduction to national and international research institutes on women¡¯s issues, departments of women¡¯s studies and other women-related websites.


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