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Korean Women's Institute / Asian Center Women's Studies    
Ewha Institute for Women's Theological Studies / Department of Women's Studies    
With an increasing demand on gender equality in Korean society, the Korean Women's Institute (KWI) was founded on March 1, 1977 under the auspices of Ewha Womans University, as a pofessional research institute on women's issues.

When Women's Studies was unknown in Korea in the 1970s, it sought to implement research and programs from a new feminist perspective.

In particular, KWI was instrumental in creating the first undergraduate Women's Studies course in 1977, later, the first master's degree program in Women's Studies in 1982, both at Ewha. Since then, KWI has played a leading role in academic exchanges among women's research institutes in Korea, including initiating the organization of Korean Association of Women's Studies, the first nation-wide academic society in Women's Studies.
As of December 1994, KWI adopted globalization and internationalizaton of Women's Studies as major goal, readying to be; a world-class institute of the 21st century, a major contributor for the improvement of the status of women and a peace promoter for humankind. Asian Center for Women's Studies (ACWS) was established in May 1995 under the umbrella of KWI to focus on Women's Studies in the Asian region.


The major objectives of Korean Women's Institute are:
conducting research on Korean women implementing research to establish the academic discipline of Women's Studies conducting research, teaching, and outreach programs in communities to meet the needs and demands of social change sharing and exchanging knowledge and information with national and international women's institutions through various seminars, workshops and the internet promoting women's achievements in legal, political, educational, cultural, and economic fields contributing to national development through harmonious and close interaction between the academy and society.
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