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Title of the Project : '99 Project for university institute intensively supported by Korea Research Foundation
- The Locational Feminism and the Politics of solidarity in the Age of Globalization (3rd Stage)
Duration of the Project : 1 December 2003 ~ 30 November 2005 (2 yrs)
Funding Agency : Korea Research Foundation
This is an on-going research project and the third stage of a six year project under the theme of "Women in Globalization" supported by Korea Research Foundation since December 1999. This research is based on the perception that (international) exchanges of materials and human resources caused by globalization create changes in conditions of women's activities and lifestyles in concrete local scenes. Then this research is to survey and prospect on women's action who are subjectively moving and negotiating in this situation, and on the possibility of women's networking from locational feminist perspectives on the basis of contextual details of locality.

This project is aiming to analyze, criticize and prospect globalization from feminist (women-centered) perspective and position. In the first stage, researches had been conductd, focusing on the structural understanding of meanings/significances implied in 'globalization'. In the second stage, the research project put emphasis on analyzing various aspects of women's reality in the context of local politics. In the third stage, the project will confirm and explore the reality and the possibility(potential) of women's dynamic action capability of those actively participate in the detailed locality.
Globalization has dual facets it may work oppressively on women, yet, it may open an opportunity to women. In this situation, the most important factor is women's ability and capacity to keep up with the trend of time. In other words, in this new rapidly changing circumstances of globalization, considering women as active doers(performers) will result in promoting the quality of women's lives by minimizing negative impacts and maximizing positive ones through the process of globalization.


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