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Yosong¡¯hak-Non¡¯jib(Women¡¯s Studies) is a periodical annually published by Korean Women's Institute from December 1984 as a feminist journal. It will be issued bi-annually from 2004. This journal covers diverse research areas ranged from research papers on women's issues conducted from a feminist perspective; book reviews on recent feminist publications and reports on field surveys to research reports on women's policies etc. It contains selected manuscripts through the processes of contribution and examination, aiming to find and publicize outstanding articles in Women's Studies.
The Asian Journal of Women's Studies (AJWS) is a quarterly and has been published since 1995. It is an interdisciplinary journal, publishing articles pertaining to women's issues from a feminist perspective. The journal offers articles with a theoretical focus, country reports providing valuable information on specific subjects and countries, research notes, and book reviews containing information on recent publications on women in Asia and elsewhere.


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